Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweet People

Hydrangeas were the main flower in my wedding bouquet. So naturally they have become a special flower to me and I started to notice they grow all over. I clipped these from a sweet lady's yard and they are sitting on our table now.
 Ahhh fresh flowers 

When I saw this Chevron rug I fell in love with it - it was the exact rug I have had my eye on around interest and window internet shopping. But this one was on the floor at a friends house. She told me where I could fine one, sadly they were all out.
A week she insisted and sent me home with her rug 

I have met so many wonderful families and so many wonderful wives here in Virginia. They have all been so extremely kind to me whether it is fresh flowers, cook books, or rugs the thing I have enjoyed the most is their listening ears and making the to chat with me

And we can't forget about the man who saved us hundreds of dollars by simply not charging us to fix out car. Can you say Miracle?
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