Sunday, June 17, 2012


Kenneth Michael Phillips
Also love the family name Kenneth

I am so grateful for Mike - he has taught his son so many wonderful things that are very husband worthy qualities. One thing I fell in love with about Taylor when we were dating was how he could fix just about everything and anything and if he couldn't get to the store to get the right stuff leave to him to find a way, such as duck tape, glue you name it! He got this from this father, Mike can do and fix anything he is such a handy man. He is a quite guy but when it comes down to getting things done Mike's there doing it. Not to mention he makes a good deep fried turkey too!

Taylor parents have always supported us no matter how crazy it seamed and that never goes unappreciated

Mark Dudley Bishop

My Dad with a genuine smile which is rarely caught on film

Leave it to my Dad to make something fun, or to cook up a gourmet storm in only a matter of minutes. He will go down in history for being a Dad and Grandpa who never aged a day over fifteen years of age {thats what we like to think anyway} he is always traveling the world, playing beach volley ball, racing cars, mountain biking, hiking, or buying race car and pinball arcade games! It is never a dull moment, I feel the need to remind him often that he is over 50 now and needs to slow down and stop hurting himself doing all his crazy adventurous things. He ended up in the hospital a couple of times doing things like I'v listed above. 

I really have had the chance to fall in love with my Dad all over again every time I see him he reminds me of how much stinking fun we always have together! Speaking of I might tell a quick little story.

At my graduation in Rexburg, Idaho we found this little diner that we ate at almost everyday during our move with Dad. We thought it would be fun to pretend he was a little cooky and for days he pretended and even ordered food for his best friend Marg! The waitresses legit would play along in fear of disrupting the crazy mans dilutions of imaginary friends. It was by far the funniest thing I had done in a long time - like I said NEVER a dull moment with this man!

Me, Dad and Marg :) She is on the right can you see her?
This is my Dad and I in Santorini Greece 

Looking over Athens after climbing what felt like a million stairs
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