Friday, June 15, 2012

Play time... ehem I mean work

I work with these two boys who have down syndrome. It has been such a treat I have met so many great people, and have been helping develop more patience and love for them as the days go on. I have been thinking about applying to be a special needs aid in Madison County. 

It has been interesting being a Nanny/Aid; one set of kids accidentally calls me Mama or Mommy a lot. Becoming involved in peoples everyday life, it has been so nice feeling like I am a part of something. I have learned so much about myself, children, special needs, life, people, motherhood, families. 

This little guy throws me into the pool, and gives some messy kisses
His mother always expresses so much gratitude for my help and I always leave their house with a smile on my face

And this little guy calls me Mama sometimes and he will only let me rock him to sleep

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