Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes

I am getting to the awkward clothing phase. It's not a cute bump that I can be proud of, not even hardly, but it also isn't my normal flat stomach. Just this little pouch of giggly weirdness. Probably from all the carbs and noodles since anything other then carbs make me run for the hills.

Maternity Clothes - not so much
My normal clothes - not so much

Just this weird limbo of, "Hmmm Martha has put on a nice amount of weight in a quick two weeks." Everything seams to cling to this new little weird gut of mine...

Grow Bump. Just Grow, into round cuteness. Just not this!! Please not this!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beating Heart

Turn up you volume! I didn't do a good job with the video but right at the end you can hear and see the baby's heart beating on the monitor. It was amazing!! It also means I "graduated" from my specialist and am ready to go see a normal doctor again.

Monday, May 13, 2013

First Ultrasound

My First Ultrasound soothed my soul. As you can imagine I have been pretty paranoid about this baby after our last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. But this time I have felt so looked after by my reproductive specialist. By Week 5.5 I had already been to the doctors four times to keep tabs on the baby and make sure everything was running smoothly. At 5 weeks and 5 days I had my first Ultrasound and sure enough there is a little tad pole in there growing crazy fast. The Doctors have been checking everything possible and say everything looks absolutely perfect so far, music to my hears!

Have I mentioned yet that I feel so extremely blessed. I know most people keep their pregnancy's a secret for much longer then I did but I can't help but share my all of my journeys with everyone. Life is about living and learning, and without others sharing their own stories I feel we would all learn a lot less. So join me in praying that this baby keeps growing happy and healthy! For now I am soaking up all this love I have for this tiny little white dot growing rapidly inside of me.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Many of you will probably wonder why I have announced our exciting news "early". I simply think it is just too exciting to wait. The reason people think it is "early" is because I run the risk of miscarrying. Which is very true, I think about it everyday since that is how my last pregnancy ended. 

But this amazing miracle happened and I want to enjoy every moment of it no matter how long or short it lasts. I want to share my life and experience with whoever wants to read or listen. I hope that in someway I will help someone else feel a little less alone, help someone feel supported, and just be straight up excited about all the up's and done's in my life.

A Sweet Surprise

I am so excited and pleased to announce we are...


It has been over a year since we started trying, we have had so many trials since then but have been strengthened and blessed along the way. We are so excited to welcome this little one into our family next January.

Four Week Photo - Felt so funny doing this but wanted to document before the belly!

The Morning after we found out I had to take a test of my own because I just did not believe it!

Were soooo stinking happy about this Miracle in our lives and feel so blessed to bring one of God's children into the world.

How we found out:

I was laying in the hospital bed, ivy drop was in, I was all ready to get put under and rolled into surgery when the nurse came in and said.

"You won't be needing surgery today... because your PREGNANT!"

Taylor and I burst out into tears. I thought it was some kind of mean joke! But they showed me my test results and sure enough it was positive. They took some other tests to check on the status of the baby. This made the doctors a little worried, they kept me in the hospital a little longer and decided to finally discharge me but bring me back the next Monday to check on the baby again. So that weekend we had the chance to be all excited and tell all our family, but with hesitation since we weren't sure if the baby was okay yet. 

They still think I have endometriosis but while I am pregnant they can't remove it. So this first trimester will be a little more challenging then usual since I'll be sick with that and having pregnancy symptoms. Once the second trimester kicks in rumour is the endometriosis will settle down until the baby comes which is good news!