Saturday, April 28, 2012

Emergency Kit - Fantastic

Taylor and I are on the road a lot! Often I am searching for an advil, bobby pin or a file/nail clippers. Then I saw this idea here for an emergency kit. I made mine more like a conveniant kit that we keep in our car. Within the first week it has already come so in handy - I would say this is a must have craft and only cost me $1.

What I did:
I picked up a pack of two hot pads from the local dollar store. 

1. I sewed about six baggies to one of the pads and then sewed the pads together.
(tip first tape down the baggies so they don't slide around while sewing)

2. I sewed a button on one side.

3. Sewed a little hair elastic to the other side.

Done it should look like this! Wasn't that sooooooo simple - love it.

What I put inside:
Nail File
Nail Clippers
Hair Elastic
Bobby Pins
Medicated Lip Chap
Sun Screen
Granola Bar

So simple and so great to have all these little things in the car because you usually don't have them when you feel you most need them! I was also able to fit a lot into mine.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Plans never work like you plan them. I was going to focus on online classes this semester while in Virginia but things never happen quit like you imagine.

I am now here with Ashton this little guy with his big brown eyes, runny nose, sniffling and sneezing with his pants on backwards! He is singing the wheels on the bus while he takes the train around the tracks we made. My new job as of now is babysitting and hopefully I'll be the full time nanny for another family by the end of the month.
I hope to get some real fun times in and I have a feeling I'll be exhausted by the end of the summer - Wish me Luck!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Love My Husband

All semester he has helped so much around the house with cleaning and cooking while I did school and worked. He was such an amazing support and has always shown his appreciation to me for working even though he was doing so much for me at home!

Now my husband is going to be working 12+ hours everyday but Sunday for the next four months. He will make enough money to live for a whole year and work enough hours for about a year as well! He will sweat enough for a whole year in the hot humid heat and be an amazing husband while providing for our family.

I am such a lucky women!

Virginia Apartment

I always try to take pictures of where I am living so my Mom can see and my best friend who always needs to know! NOT because it is cute or decorated of any sorts. We just moved across the country with only what fit in our back seat (which is hardly nothing). No vacuum, no microwave, no toaster, nothing really of our own! So here it is, this small apartment that might bankrupt us with hoe expensive Virginia is compared to Idaho.

But I'm here all day everyday so far doing homework so it feels like home-ish!

Our Bedroom

I made this to make it feel more like home since I LOVE pictures and all the memories. It is just braided hemp and cloth line pins.

Closet / Hallway into the Bathroom
I have actually really enjoyed this big closet and having direct access to the bathroom

Living Room


a.k.a  The One-Bum Kitchen

Yup it is that small. The fridge door doesn't even open all the way, and the dishwasher blocks everything! It is so small but luckily we didn't bring dishes and have pretty much nothing to fill it up with. If we had all our stuff with us we would be in trouble.

Laundry Room / Bathroom

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bow Clutch

I have loved using my new little bow clutch I made myself! It cost me about $7 which is pretty good for how cute and functional this is. I got the fabric from Walmart and the liner was just from my craft bin. Here is the tutorial I used, the one thing I did differently is I added a spot for my cellphone so it didn't get scratched up from my keys!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travel Trash bag

With our week long drive to Virginia I decided it was about time to make a Trash bag for all the trips were always going on. We drive a lot and the trash always gets out of control! I used a tutorial on this blog check it out. The only thing that we did differently was not put in the plastic bag, in the picture I did but when we used it we found it easier without. Its fabric so if it gets dirty we will just throw it in the wash! Enjoy - and check out the blog if you want to make one yourself :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Taylor took my scriptures to the book store and got my full name scribed into them! I was so happy, I'v been meaning to do this for over a year now! 
I'm so glad I have such a wonderful husband

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

This is for You Maa!!

Mom we really missed you but we took a lot of pictures for you!
It was really fun to finally do the whole Grad thing since I missed the one in high school.
My Wonderful Mother in Law and Sister in Law flew into town just to enjoy this day with us. My Father also drove into town from Canada! What a great weekend, a reason to dress up and celebrate hard work with family!

This was convocation: In the brand new mini conference center.

Where's Martha?

My Red Dress and Mint shoes - Thank You I LOVE them!

Walking across the stage! 

Got my official fancy diploma cover

Taylor and I ready for the long Grad Night

The Phillips :)

Time to Brag about 99.5%

So I know that technically it is bad to brag, but I would more call this being really proud! This semester has been super hard for me and I just got my final grades in today and I couldn't help but jump for joy I was so happy. I have been working really hard to graduate with honours and I did it!! I got a 4.0 this semester (and only these two classes show up but I did take more they just aren't technically savvy teachers). I am so ready to walk across that stage today and celebrate being an honour student!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

One of Those Days

 I had a sad realization early this morning so I crawled back in bed to take a nap and start the day over when I woke up. It worked, the day was going brilliant!

I am graduating with my Associates this weekend from BYU-Idaho class of 2012
I have worked really hard and kept my grades up really high. Needless to say I am proud of myself.

My day was going great until...  
Lately I have had a lot of people let me know exactly what they think about me graduating with my Associates. What if your husband dies? What if you get divorced? What will you do once you get bored? You're not going to get a career?

Well, I am proud to say I'm pretty sure I won't get bored! If I want something I find a way to get it. If I need to provide for my family one day I will find a way. I'v prayed and pondered a long time over these life changing decisions I have made lately and taken stoke of my life. I'v never been happier and I can't wait to start the new chapter in our lives this fall.

So after a month of people telling me how inadequate I was going to be we both did this!

And boy was it goooooood!

So my advice to everyone is; make decisions for your family and what is best for you! It is your life, you are the one that needs to enjoy it not others. And if someone doesn't ask for you opinion try to be open minded and not explode all your own philosophies of life on others.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

{Teenage Weekend}

Taylor and I had what I felt was a teenage weekend! Taylor woke up and make us omelettes and sausages while we watched conference. Then we cuddled up and watched two hours of spiritual food. In-between sessions we ran some errands and did some chores the usual. During the afternoon session I sewed a car trash can (I'll post about that later) but it will be perfect for all our long drives we do. I love having a sewing machine and with school coming to an end finally finding some time to sew.

But then we went on a date into Idaho falls. We went to Stockman Steak House which Taylor has been wanting to go their for over a year. We both got out own meals (which is a big deal of us we even share when we eat fast food!) then we went to the sports store to check out the new manning gear.

Little Background: Taylor and I lived in Denver and went to our first NFL game and so part of our heart were with the Broncos. But... we were still die hard Manning Fans. But he just moved to the Broncos in Denver so now we have out favourite place and our favourite player. Needless to say the perfect team for us to dedicate following next season. The things we do for men we love!

So this is Manning's new Broncos Jersey and we love them!

We went to bed and after laying in bed for an hour and discovering we were both still awake we got up and watch you tube movies at about 12:30AM. (We've ruined our sleep schedule with finals) Around 1:30 I smelt smoke. So the logical thing to do would be to get dressed hop in our car and search for the fire. So that is exactly what we did.

After following some emergency vehicle out to the boonies of Rexburg's we found a fertilizer plant up in flames. But the the fertilizer part, it was probably the weirdest fire ever. But it was epic their was tons of flames, all of Rexburg's fire trucks were their and a lot of smoke! {No one got hurts and nothing actually got damaged other then fertilizer} At around 2:00 AM we crawled back into bed after our adventure.

Like I said it was a teenage weekend but it was so fun to be care free, act a little crazy, and laugh a lot. We both needed it, not to fail the tests tomorrow that we never studied for!