Saturday, February 26, 2011


We had one of those weekends, filled with lots of dishes and work. Taylor is finally finishing up his last weekend with Target thank goodness. I'm sitting at home, feeling homesick and realizing I'm actually just Husband sick, he worked all day today and works all day tomorrow. But the plus side to having a lonely weekend is that next weekend I'll be walking on a beach with my Husband in California, hopefully with an approved green card, so this next weekend will be big for us! We also have our wedding pictures at the frame shop here in town which I'm completely thrilled about. Also we got midterms back this week and I got five A's and one B which I was mostly happy about (minus the B ): ). March is creeping up on me too fast, I have a million projects due this month, that also means finals are only a month away which no matter how hard I study I never feel ready for! I'm so nervous for March, yet excited because that means schools almost out, and warm weather will slowly start coming (crossing my fingers). Well, enough of my babble, I have had a really hard time staying in contact with people lately so sorry family. Hopefully this made you feel a little bit more in touch with me.

Now in this very moment I just realized I was supposed to take a test today and forgot about it. Which is completely unlike me. I am a very very good student, my goal was a 4.0 this semester which once this zero on my test drops my grade by %10 kills that goal. Anyone have good advice for grovelling for a second chance when it comes to Professors?
I am praying with ever fibre in my being he is feeling helpful, and merciful tomorrow...
How in the world will I pass this class with a zero on a test.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We finally got our wedding photos and now we are tackling framing. Which I am oh so nervous about. It's so expensive and which makes it a one time thing.
Black thick frame... Good right?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Sweetest Valentine

This Valentine I wanted to do something simple, but something that was thoughtful so I did this. 
I woke up and snuck it on the nightstand beside him. So the first thing he saw in the morning was this...

It's a sewn love note!

Then one of my classes of cancelled, so I skipped my next one to take off early with my hubby. We started off by doing an hour of homework and then took off for the city to share a meal at Texas Road House, which was amazing and so affordable exactly what I was craving!
Then for the surprise....

We drove up in front of massage envy (which you can faintly see in the background). 
He had scheduled a couples massage, it was so relaxing, amazing! The perfect gift and the most amazing Valentine I have ever had! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It is the last day for my giveaway over at the FunnerLife, so go check that out and get yourself entered before tomorrow! Also if you don't win, you can still get a discount code here for 30% of for being a part of it. Thanks, hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hour Glass Pillows

Today I would like to do a mini feature on my sister Esther Beazer, she is a photographer and in turn she has this great style and eye for things that look amazing. Like her bedroom, this is a picture of her bed and I just love it. She made her headboard from an old door, and she just made these adorable pillows to complete the look. They are Amy Butler Hour Glass Pillows, with a free pattern. Yes! Thats right girls free, my favourite word! I just love this picture, and these pillows so I thought I would share a little bit of her inspiration and a free pattern.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Day

Today I had a bad day, my trip to Utah I was looking forward to was cancelled, along with a hard day at dance, piles of assignments, dinner plans spoiled and the list could go on but I'll stop. Also this last couple of days my emotions have been running high. Along with the fact that homework, school, and work work is really taking a toll on me along with cleaning and cooking over and over again. I don't often get time for just me!

So my amazing husband is making us breakfast for dinner right now, right after I had a good cry and ate a couple of these...

Monday, February 7, 2011


Have you been wanting that glamourous chunky necklace like I have but either they are out of your price rang, or plastic! Fear not I will show you how to make one that is neither!

You will Need:
Jewels, beads, crystals whatever works best for you, it should dangle though, like the beads I have shown below. It is on a loop so that the loop attaches the bead to the necklace instead of it going through the bead it self if that makes sense. I got mine at Porters
Thicker jewellery wire
It only cost me $20, because I didn't have any of the materials

Take your wire and wrap it around a pen, then wrap it to close it like shown below.

Thread the beads on the wire, I had two different colours of beads so I did four of each colour in a row.
When your beads are gone, or your at the length you wan it repeat the step above.

Tie your ribbon to the loop, then die two pretty knots like shown above to cover the ugly wire! Repeat on the next side. Then you should have something that looks like this!

Also I had regular crystals on the chains I bought so I used the extra to make a matching bracelet.

Its a great necklace to wear with collared shirts, and with the ribbon closure you can make it shorter.


When Taylor and I first got married we said we would get a plant so that our home was filled with fresh air, and all those good things. But after buying a million things we need to start our lives together a plant never made it on the list... until this week! 

This is our little bamboo plant and we names him Franklin, it's an obvious "green" name!

Also did you know that plants can help your mind focus. So we put it in our second bedroom where we study. I'm pretty happy we have one now :) and Taylor was pretty proud when he named him!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Who doesn't love a giveaway, no one! I am sponsoring a giveaway over at The Funner Life, It is her sweet sixteen birthday and she is doing a countdown of giveaways. She contacted me a month or so ago through etsy telling me how much she loved my stuff so of course I had to be a part of this celebration. Birthdays always seemed to be disappointing when I hit my teens so I hope this helps you have a wonderful Birthday Libbi.

You could win this Yellow and White plaid necklace. With ribbon closure so that you can adjust the length to fit you and your style perfectly.
Also there is a special code to get 30% off everything in my Etsy Shop so go check it out!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I haven't seen a lot of necklaces like these ones around, however I see them on t.v. and on famous people a lot lately and I think they are glamourous. I do not have a glamour piece of any sort, and I have really started to want a sparkly bulky necklace like this. I have seen a couple that are versions of this, but they look plastic and cheep... well because they are! So luckily I was waiting for my Husband and had time to stop by porters, just to enjoy myself and I think I found the perfect things to make a necklace like this. But more, for me, because I can't pull it completely off. I'm really thrilled about it, so hopefully I can get my essay done in time and have it posted by the end of the week! So stay tuned :)

The Necklace in the middle is the one I love, its Swarovski Crystal and $500 dollars. So I am going to attempt to make something that has the same feel for $20!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liebster Blogger Award

Well, I got an email from my cousin this morning, and she has pasted down the Liebster Blog award to me.
It goes to those who have creative, inspiring, worthwhile blogs with under 300 followers. So of course this made me so happy, and made me feel guilty because since school has started it has been really hard to work, blog, and homework. But non the less I was very happy to get this. Also she wrote a very nice note about my on her blog which made me glow, thanks so much. Go check out her adorable blog Pigtails and Snails.

Now it is my turn to nominate three other deserving bloggers.

Eden Lang's blog, two words come to my mind stylish and inspirational. She is a beautiful photographer, amazing style and such a great life story. I have only spent a couple days here and there with her but her blog is always so well written, bringing me to tears some days, and other days leaves me wishing I had that kind of style! She is an amazing women!

Esther Beazer, she is a photographer and she is amazing. I love her work, and I also love her. (Okay, okay she is my sister!) But I'm not bias she really is so great at what she does. She has a very unique clean style, which is what I think really sets her apart from other photographers.

Food, Folks and Fun, this blog is full of yummy food. Lots of food, who doesn't love a blog full of food. Also I have bad luck with trying new recipes this way they have already been tried and deemed blogabble!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The move is official!!


We are moving to Sacramento California! I have been to California once and I loved it, cold and rainy but it was a really cool place. We will finish school here in April and then pack up and drive down to our new home for the summer. We will be working with EcoFirst Pest control so it will be a long summer of hard work, but everyone knows what hard work means. You just get to play harder after! Especially when we won't have much homework! I am very excited for the adventure ahead of us, and just want it to be April. In April school ends, we are making a trip to Canada, and were moving to California - it will be a fun and crazy month!!

This is a picture from last summer in Kansas City while Tay was selling. 
Finally this time I get to go with him and were going somewhere cooler then KS.