Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Note

Some of you may remember when I made this cute little fabric note for my husband for Valentines. I have finally gotten around the letting you all know how it can be done. This is more of an idea post then a tutorial because there really is no right or wrong way.

You will need:
A Frame
Embroidery thread (colour of choice)
Black or Charcoal and accent colour sewing thread
Fabric pen
White/Cream Fabric

Then you can make this:

1. Take your glass and lay it down on your fabric and trace it so you know how large you need to make it and what will be showing.

2. (Sorry I could not get this picture to load up-right!) Then you want to take a ruler and make your lines just like a loose leaf piece of paper. Your margin line, then drop down an inch before you start the lines going down. It is going to be different depending on size of your frame ect.

3. Now for sewing you lines. I used a charcoal thread, the first line you want to do a double line to make it darker. Then just keep following those lines you drew in earlier. TIP: Make sure you go way farther then the boundary lines you drew.

4. I used a plum purple, but I think a red or deep pink will complete the fake paper much better. But if you want something more budget friendly like me, pick out you most accenting thread. Make sure you go over your margin line twice to make it thicker.

5. Now you have your paper looking fabric below, I got my wet to wash out the fabric pen then I scrunched it up and then it dry to give it a crinkled look. Then you want to use your marker to write your message. You'll want to use two strands of embroidery thread to make your message.

5. My Message!

6. Stick it in your frame, I didn't decorate mine with rossets like I thought I would mostly because I like the simple clean look were attempting to accomplish in our bedroom.

Sneak it onto the night stand while your man is sleeping and when we wakes up he will find a hand made love note that we can wake up to every morning.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Favourite Flowers

I fell in love with these little flowers I saw on Etsy and knew that I needed to have them. Thankfully I still had some play money in my funds and I ordered them and made these....

I wear these at least once a week, and almost every time I get compliments on them. It was so easy, if you want to make these, which you probably should because they add so much to an outfit all you have to do is find some loose little flower buds likes these and glue them on earring posts.

Or onto Bobby Pins - I put it on two bobby pins to give it more of clip look since I didn't have any clips.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Feet in the Sand

Minutes after I was approved for my Greencard we hopped in the car and drove for fourteen hours to Newport Beach, CA! I have only been there once but I love it there, such a nice beach view. So sorry but this will be a picture happy post because I liked them all too much!

Taylor and I on the Newport Beach Pier

At the beach, getting burned and dying of heat in my jeans and wool vest!
The hot sand felt so amazing compared to getting snow in my shoes at home

Then had a nice ride on the Farris Wheel!

The view and warm air blowing was so relaxing

Then with the rest of the Phillips Family, we went to Disney Land. I was having so much fun I was so sad when we had to leave hours earlier then everyone else because I had a presentation at school to get back to. It was my first time and I am looking forward to going back because I missed way too many rides!

It was fun seeing where my husband grew up and to have a nice vacation from the cold

The Interview

We had a very exciting couple of days a week ago.

We drove to Boise, Idaho to go to our interview at Homeland Security. We had to have all our things scanned, walk through a medal detector. It was like a mini airport security. I am sure everyone has seen 'The Proposal' where they have to be interviewed. Well, this is what we did, minus the part about the sham marriage and lying! 

We sat down and she asked us our names, birthday, place of birth, parents names, and some other things to quiz us. Asked us how we met, where, and when we were married. Then after them saying we would have to put my application on hold a little miracle happened, they changed their minds and said...

I have been cleared for a Greencard, after more then nine months of paper work and waiting, along with lots of money spent on it we finally have success. This means I can go home to Canada whenever I want, work where ever I want, and live legally in the United States of America. Hopefully just long enough to convince my husband he wants to move to Canada! :)

Oh and I almost forgot... I'm officially Martha Phillips. Many of you wouldn't know this, but I still went by my maiden name because I had to have Homeland security change it for me and its official so its weird having a different name now, but exciting to finally share a name with Tay.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My Husband and I watched this movie this weekend. The acting was pretty bad, but the movie was amazing! It had amazing morals, every couple should watch it! Every couple, struggling or not. It teaches so many great principle that we should all be remembering to apply in our relationships and especially our marriage. 

I repeat: Every couple should watch this. It is worth the time.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We are moving to California, and therefor we are having a moving Sale on my Etsy. We really want to sell a lot of it before we pack up because we can only take the minimum of what fits in our trunk! Thats not a lot, so we are doing a purge. Email me if you would like to barigain - like I said we really want to get rid of everything we can. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy and take advantage of the sale! I lowered the prices a lot.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From my Amazing Mother

I have great news:
First. My teacher let me take that test even though it was closed and I got 95% on it. I was so relieved.
Second. My Mother is amazing and she framed our wedding pictures for us. They turned out to great, the frames really add to the photos and finally our bedroom! I love them :) Also we have some amazing "museum glass" in them so you can't even tell it has glass covering the pictures. Pretty cool stuff.
So Mom! I took some pictures for you so you can see how wonderful your gift was and how great our room looks without a blank wall.
Also if you live in Idaho Sharps frames is the place to go!

Mother - We Love You!
And we appreciate all that you do for us, so very much :)