Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweet People

Hydrangeas were the main flower in my wedding bouquet. So naturally they have become a special flower to me and I started to notice they grow all over. I clipped these from a sweet lady's yard and they are sitting on our table now.
 Ahhh fresh flowers 

When I saw this Chevron rug I fell in love with it - it was the exact rug I have had my eye on around interest and window internet shopping. But this one was on the floor at a friends house. She told me where I could fine one, sadly they were all out.
A week she insisted and sent me home with her rug 

I have met so many wonderful families and so many wonderful wives here in Virginia. They have all been so extremely kind to me whether it is fresh flowers, cook books, or rugs the thing I have enjoyed the most is their listening ears and making the to chat with me

And we can't forget about the man who saved us hundreds of dollars by simply not charging us to fix out car. Can you say Miracle?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Change of Life Style

I usually try to eat really healthy and have for the most of my life done a good job. But I let myself slip for the past probably 8 months. So I needed to change my life style back to being healthy. 
Since doing this for the past 3 weeks I have lost albs, slow and healthy the greatest part is I feel so much better in general

My whey protein shake and apple - my mid morning snack that I day dream about while my lungs burn while sucking in the hot humid air in Virginia on morning runs

But... to keep myself from going insane I get an evening to cheat this Sunday I got to eat my husband Mac & Cheese with ketchup a comfort food I have develop since marrying him, mmmm so good.
Treat yourself once a week and then be good for the rest of the week, it really helps

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chubby Cheeks and Cuddles

I got to babysit my chubby cheeked little Oli when I went home to visit. I turned around for I swear a second and he found a piece of bread in his diaper bag and had at it. This kid would not stop eating it was too funny.

My Mom surprised me with this silver bracelet with my name hand stamped in it
The other side says "Dare to be remarkable" very fitting for my graduation gift

Hanging out with the family, I have little Clara strapped to my chest so fun walking with all the kids

Friday, June 22, 2012

First and hopefully not last

In two weeks I am running a 5K and I am getting so extremely excited, nervous but mostly anxious

Four weeks ago I was literally laying on my couch watching TV in-between my 3 jobs and school and eating as much junk, frozen foods and chocolate as possible. Needless to say I'v made a huge lifestyle change in the past month and boy do I feel better. Did it cold turkey - it's the only way!

Four weeks ago I hadn't run in over 4 years, thats a long time! I have also always been terrible at running but I have found it invigorating this last month and wanted a goal to work towards.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Penny Pinching Plan

With all our extra coins and cash from my random jobs here I want to take a trip to New York before we head back to reality in Idaho. Hotel recommendations needed! Close to down town, clean nice, yet not bank breaking please and thank you :)

Because when you live 5hrs away from New York City how can you not go!?!?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Proud, Proud, Proud

I am so immensely proud of my husband!
He works 14 hours a day and kick butt at his job. This year he is a co-team leader {which pretty much means he is a manager for a team} which means some later hours. But he really is so dedicated and talented and what he does. Below you can see that he was the top seller of the day this Thursday with nine account which is really really good if you know much about summer sales.
Then on the right here 6 out of 368 - now that is pretty impressive

To celebrate how well he did I made his favourite meal for him, green beans with bacon and mushrooms, mash potatoes and roast! Then I made the gem of a desert it was to die for and I'll admit I just made of the recipe for the top and it turned out great. It was Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake but since I didn't have a spring form pan I used a brownie sheet.

The recipe is here make it! Common do it the only down size is how yummy it is and your jeans might feel tight the next day.


For my fancy swirl top I just made her version of Ganache but with peanut butter.
1. make fat lines about an inch apart 
2. make skinny lines between these
3. drap a knife up and then down and repeat to make this fancy pattern

Best Problem Ever

Don't Judge, just love { Kinda can't believe I'm posting this but... I'v got to be proud! }
So this isn't some amazing difference but you can tell I am leaner and I actually do have some muscle in my abs now. Not to mention the inches that have come off my waist. I can pull those pants off without even undoing them. Disclaimer - they are boyfriend pants meant to fit a little slouchy but trust me they didn't used to be that big, I can't even keep them on me!

Don't worry off to the pool in my swim suit

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nope No More

Two rules that will having you feel better in days!
No Sugar, and Clean Eating
This means no processed foods, make everything from scratch and don't add cream, and fatty cheese, and condensed soups just don't its that simple. Us cottage cheese, and milk instead.

Yup I said it...
No Sugar
You can however pick a day to treat yourself, every saturday we eat out and I make a heart stopping yummy desert. But only one day a week - feeds that craving and helps keep you on track.

Paired with working out and cutting the junky food out of my life I have toned up a lot, and lost some weight as well. But better yet I just feel so much better! I have a picture of what three weeks can change your stomach too but I felt posting a picture of my stomach was too daunting. But you really can see the change, if you want to see it just ask.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Kenneth Michael Phillips
Also love the family name Kenneth

I am so grateful for Mike - he has taught his son so many wonderful things that are very husband worthy qualities. One thing I fell in love with about Taylor when we were dating was how he could fix just about everything and anything and if he couldn't get to the store to get the right stuff leave to him to find a way, such as duck tape, glue you name it! He got this from this father, Mike can do and fix anything he is such a handy man. He is a quite guy but when it comes down to getting things done Mike's there doing it. Not to mention he makes a good deep fried turkey too!

Taylor parents have always supported us no matter how crazy it seamed and that never goes unappreciated

Mark Dudley Bishop

My Dad with a genuine smile which is rarely caught on film

Leave it to my Dad to make something fun, or to cook up a gourmet storm in only a matter of minutes. He will go down in history for being a Dad and Grandpa who never aged a day over fifteen years of age {thats what we like to think anyway} he is always traveling the world, playing beach volley ball, racing cars, mountain biking, hiking, or buying race car and pinball arcade games! It is never a dull moment, I feel the need to remind him often that he is over 50 now and needs to slow down and stop hurting himself doing all his crazy adventurous things. He ended up in the hospital a couple of times doing things like I'v listed above. 

I really have had the chance to fall in love with my Dad all over again every time I see him he reminds me of how much stinking fun we always have together! Speaking of I might tell a quick little story.

At my graduation in Rexburg, Idaho we found this little diner that we ate at almost everyday during our move with Dad. We thought it would be fun to pretend he was a little cooky and for days he pretended and even ordered food for his best friend Marg! The waitresses legit would play along in fear of disrupting the crazy mans dilutions of imaginary friends. It was by far the funniest thing I had done in a long time - like I said NEVER a dull moment with this man!

Me, Dad and Marg :) She is on the right can you see her?
This is my Dad and I in Santorini Greece 

Looking over Athens after climbing what felt like a million stairs

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Many have asked...?

Taylor and I are no model couple lets just get that out their, and I am no expert either. But I am really into being healthy, feeling healthy and the science of health {hence I'm a health science major!}

I have been asked by quite a few of my friends and aquantances how Taylor and I stay slim. Well I am ashamed to say I think we went through a tub of ice-cream a week when we first got married and we did gain an ounce. Then a year late BAM it caught up with us so now we actually have to put some effort into losing weight.

Things we do to keep motivate are usual competitions; Against one another or to a date ect. These help a bunch for us!

A lot of our friends know me as being a little weird about health and food {in a good way... I think} so I am going to start posting some tips, and tricks that we do to stay healthy.

Note: I use the word Healthy, were aren't trying to get skinny, or look beach ready because thats not what its about. We should all invest in our health not our bikini line, but the great thing is when you change your life style to being truly healthy and what I can clean eating you will look great promise! I dare you to just try it.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Play time... ehem I mean work

I work with these two boys who have down syndrome. It has been such a treat I have met so many great people, and have been helping develop more patience and love for them as the days go on. I have been thinking about applying to be a special needs aid in Madison County. 

It has been interesting being a Nanny/Aid; one set of kids accidentally calls me Mama or Mommy a lot. Becoming involved in peoples everyday life, it has been so nice feeling like I am a part of something. I have learned so much about myself, children, special needs, life, people, motherhood, families. 

This little guy throws me into the pool, and gives some messy kisses
His mother always expresses so much gratitude for my help and I always leave their house with a smile on my face

And this little guy calls me Mama sometimes and he will only let me rock him to sleep

Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Do List

I am day dreaming about the days we have had together with no long do to lists! Mexico was one of them I wish I could zap back to that time just for even a couple of hours :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey Husband - Long Time No See

Taylor is the co-team leader of a sales team here in Virginia which pretty much means he is a manager and has responsibilities. One of them is every other week staying and doing paper work for the 6 days they sell. Somehow we skipped by without doing it for a month so last week was the first week he had to stay and do it. He wouldn't get home until 11:00pm every night and then we would start work again at 8:00am the next morning. Well, after dinner, shower, brushing your teeth, then bed at midnight we literally had zero time together. I thought coming home at 10:00pm was bad but that seams like a dream now. 

I was in beyond withdrawal from seeing Taylor, everyday I heard his voice I would tear up thinking about how much I missed him so yesterday he was so sweet and took the day off to hang with me. I also took the day off work so we could go do something together other then eat, sleep and drive to work! 

We chose to go to Alexandria which is right on the Potomac River going to the ocean. It was really rainy so we got pretty much drenched walking, we visited Mt. Vernon where Washington lived {I'll post about this at a later date}. We also got to see his tomb, and where he died. It was pretty interesting but not my favourite part of the day. My favourite was the drive home! Holding hands with Taylor drying off, and driving on the windy roads through the lush woods. The houses we saw were Mansions! I am talking iron gate, pillars, and guests houses bigger then a normal house, probably have a butler in each room - kinda huge! I didn't get a picture of any of those though since we were always driving too fast. One of these days I am going to get a good picture.

The whole feel here in Virginia and especially in Alexandria is english or victorian. It is just so beautiful to me I love it. 
Don't you just find these homes and duplexes oddly breath taking

Monday, June 11, 2012

Air & Space Instagram Style

Enjoying our day together since they are so rare

Discovery Space Shuttle - Must see

Sunday, June 10, 2012

National Air & Space Museum

Living here has been hard I will admit {what else is new we all have trials everywhere we go} - working three jobs, and part time school along with Taylor working 14 hour days


We get to go see super cool places like this all for free.
This is the Enole Gay the plane the drop the atomic bomb; they had some pretty amazing history here

Above I just discovered instagram for the first time - there will be many of these pictures to come

This is the discovery space shuttle 
Yes, the one that went to the Moon it was amazing to see in person

You could see all the wear and tear done to the panels while in space it was amazing