Monday, January 30, 2012

EcoFirst Cruise - Ensenada, Mexico

First off; if anyone (or has sons ect.) that are looking for a summer job my husband is building a team for this summer to go out with EcoFirst Pest Control if you want more information you can comment with you emails and we can send it along your way. The Average first year rep sells 201 accounts and that comes out to about $25,000 in only four months. It has blessed our lives so much, we are currently putting ourselves through school with no loans I'm so proud of my husband.

Did I mention they also do really fun stuff like send us on free cruises! 
This was our second trip to Mexico in the last month and it was even colder this time - but time away was still so nice :)

Front of the Ship
Our EcoFirst Crew

The Famous Blowhole

Four wheeling on the beach - such a blast!

Taylor and I getting some sick air on the sand dunes

It was a very different aspect being on vacation with all my husband friends and work but it was very enjoyable. We did things we would have never done if we were on vacation alone, worth the 30 hour drive to hang out for three days on a cruise. Hanging out with all guys is just a blast sometimes!

We were very dirty after!

Formal Night
Love my Necklace - Find it here

Mini Put on the top of the ship

Wale Tail

The Boys on our team in Sacramento
The Center of the Ship

And of course you can't forget the classic towel Animals

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ahh finally I can breath Easier

It only took us 26 days but we are officially moved into our apartment!! It feels so nice to finally have no more boxes anywhere and all the picture hung! Ahhh :) It feels so nice to have a nice clean organized home

Crazy part is I have 12 weeks to enjoy this till we move across the country again - Washington DC or LA stay tuned to find out where we go next
This makes me realize how insane our life is wow

But... I found my dream apartment that we will (crossing my fingers) move into in September. Granite counter tops, gas stove, front loading washer, custom trim, new carpet and matching stainless steel appliences. I just think of this and moving two more times till then seams worth it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Photography is Important - So is Family

Taylor and I had a couples shoot taken on Thanksgiving weekend. It was so cold out but it really was so fun to be absorb in each other for an hour it was a really intimate fun photo shoot - I wish we could do this every year! I love love love photos, they are very important to both of us. 

Sharon did an amazing job again you might remember the photos she took for us a while back.
You can view all her work here.

Above is the quilt my Mother Made us for our wedding, I am so glass Sharon captured such a special and intimate moment :)

Denver Landscape

He is just so Handsome I can't get over it!

Take by Sharon Johnson

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Infinity Scarf

I was in Hobby Lobby and saw this really cute striped knit and I really love stripes right now. So I figured I would try making an infinity scarf from scratch. If I remember correctly I believe I bought 1/2 yard but I think it could have been thicker. I really like thicker scarves so it's really personal preference. 

Cost: $4.50

1. I laid the fabric out and put once twist in it
2. I pinned the edges together with the twist still their
3. Sew the two sides together (I used a straight stitch which worked fine - but now thinking back a zig-zag would have provided a stitch with some stretch but either will work)

4. Rocker it out! I wore it again today and I got some compliments on it. Which made me so happy because that means it doesn't look home made.

Friday, January 13, 2012


After a very stressful two weeks of starting school, moving in (which technically isn't over), starting work and loads and loads of homework more then you could ever imagine - we are leaving for Mexico today.
15hr trip both ways but hopefully worth the drive and missing class to spend 3 days on a cruise ship in Mexico! Ahhh relaxation here we come...

Now the trick is to try and not be freaking out about homework and missing class the whole time were gone

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Canadian Christmas

It was our first Christmas in Canada together and it was very successful. I absolutely love going back to Canada where my friends and family are, no one has dumb comments about how I talk, football isn't on everywhere and everything just feels more like home.

I Love Canada

Taylor went to his first Hockey game and it was Russia v.c. Cezch great first game!

I got to see all my friends from Highschool - some I hadn't seen in years and it was so wonderful!

Christmas morning Taylor got his briefcase he has been dreaming about. He is a business Major and helps manage a sales team now and I am happy to report he uses it everyday and loves it! 

My Sister and I both got married in the same week and we tried our wedding dresses on Together... I need to lose some weight!

Some Bride Wars Action

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Way to many pictures... start now:

This was the view from the rooftop of our hotel

Our First day at the Beach we got to help release baby sea turtle into the ocean

They were so fuzzy and adorable

They are making their trek ready to start their lives (shortly some of them were eaten by a sea lion)

We visited the Flea Market a lot

A fancy dinner night out with virgin margaritas and all

Christmas tree's and Nativities everywhere in Cabo

Amazing scenery


Up high in the sky!
The Famous Arch in Cabo

A lot of swimming

Laying by the Beach

UNO - Probably one of my favourite things to unwind and relax

Right Chris has been on Taylor's Bucket list and I was so happy to finally eat their with him (Maybe next time we won't have to share)

Cuddling on the Beach at night - AMAZING!!

Yes this is a Lion

He kept sucking on both or our thumbs

And eating me!


Our last night we ate right on the beach

Had the most amazing handmade Tortillas I have ever had in my life

Mexican Christmas Tree
Needless to say - we had an amazing time. We only had two sunny days out of eight days we were there so no tans but also no burns my first vacation and no burn! It was so absolutely wonderful to just lay around and do whatever we wanted to do all day all week. Honeymoons are awesome! Vacations are awesome! And were in luck we leave for Mexico again in two days... But don't wish you were me I'll be studying and have tests when I get home so your probably still better to stay in your shoes for now haha