Saturday, September 28, 2013

26 Weeks

Iv never felt so impatient in my life and I still have 3 more months to go. Which I think will fly by... and I want to enjoy ever second I have with my husband before our lives change forever. But I can't stop dreaming about holding my perfect little newborn and then waking up and realizing she's still needs to grow for a couple more months! The nursery is finished, I have been sewing to keep my mind off of it, and I have two jobs which keeps me busier then my husband would approve of!

Feeling exhausted and impatient already. This worries me since I feel the hard part is still ahead of me.

But I sure love this baby girl she has me totally smitten and worry 24/7 about her already. Guess I should get used to that!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lace Baby Dress

I really do love this pattern it is so simple and so cute, you can find it here. Can't go wrong with free especially when things turn out this cute! I just added a bow to the pattern and put it on a pin so I can take it on or off depending on the occasion. This took me about 3-4 hours to make, I would highly recommend it :)

I can't wait to take her to church in her dress made with love!

Friday, September 13, 2013

24 Weeks

I know I don't look that big but it is hard for me to imagine this baby growing even more. It pains me to think about how big I will probably get when my belly is taking a toll on me already! But non the less I am totally in love with this little one and I am very nervous, and excited for her to come flip my whole world upside down. I am getting nesty and questioning my ability of being a good mother but I know I will do my best.

How far along are you? 24 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Can't go without them!

Sleep: Not going to well, napping has also been unsuccessful when I get the chance.

Best moments: Feeling her kick a couple times in a row I love it.

Missing anything? Mostly sleep and Jimmy John's! I could eat one everyday if I was allowed.

Movement? Yes! Mostly when I am laying on my back before bed late at night, or early in the morning.

Food Cravings: Nothing specific.

Queasy or Sick? Only when I get too hungry, or I smell something gross.

Gender: Having a girl!!

Symptoms: Hungry all the time, exhausted in an unexplainable way. My hips and back ache and I have lots of pain in my abdomen from all my insides being squished. It's hard to believe this baby is going to get bigger.
Maybe not a true symptom but: I am also baby obsessed I can't think of anything else and I am always sewing something for her lately. 

Belly Button in or Out? In, but getting shallow!

Happy or Moody? Emotional, I'm a ticking time bomb for crying.

Looking Forward to: Going home to Canada for the first time in a year next month! It will be fun to see my family and friends again.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chambray Peasant Dress

The pattern I used was from Sew-much-ado, I'v used her site for a couple of things and they have been great. I love a good tutorial with patterns how can you go wrong with free? I also wanted a dress a little bigger then 0-3 months so I just magnified the pattern before printing. I held it against a 6 month dress and it looked about right.

The other modification I made to this dress was adding the ruffles which was super simple. I just made one big long ruffle cut it into three pieces and sewed them on before making my elastic casing.

Really Enjoying the idea of my little girl wearing an outfit made 100% by her Mom.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Bee + Baby Obsessed

I find myself anxious already about this baby coming. So much to do, yet I want her here in my arms right now all at the same time. So what am I doing to keep myself busy and preparing?

I have two part time jobs and a small business of my own. I work 8 hours a week retail for fun and discounts, and I am a personal trainer growing my client base very quickly these days. I work Monday through Saturday, so this keeps me busy!

I am also going through a women's speciality course through the national academy of sports medicine. Soon I'll be a specialized women's trainer with an emphasis in pre and post natal very soon!

Sewing sewing sewing. Baby shoes, baby moccasins, burp rags, baby dresses, little things for the nursery, and of course hair bows. I can't seam to pull myself away from the millions of things I want to sew for this little baby girl of mine.

These are some infant baby moccasins I made, I also made some for her she is older as well. Along with some little flats! Baby shoes are hard to make perfect to match but I did my best and I'll admit I'm proud of them.

Burp Rags! I embellished some cloth diapers as burp rags, and they are in this cute wire basket next to the rocker awaiting for those late night feeds. Along with some others for the diaper bag and stroller.

This is a handy dandy little quick project to help the door shut quietly when sneaking up on the baby which I know I will be doing!

I also enjoy just rocking in my nursery gazing at where my daughter will soon be. It is completely finished which makes me ecstatic but I am keeping it to myself for the time being but don't worry I will post pictures eventually.