Monday, March 31, 2014

The Golden Polka Dot

I have been working on opening a new etsy shop! Since having a little girl I have fallen in love with all these cute flower headbands. I feel like she needs one for every outfit, so I started looking around and fell in love with too many to choose from then I got the idea. What if you could swap out the flowers with different bands making the options endless and then you can make what you have work for any little outfit.

Velcro was the answer! So I bought some materials and made a couple, and I felt like they were the perfect thing. I have seen clips with headbands but those always stick up too high. With the velcro it allows the flower to lay flat while still being interchangeable.

Velcro Headbands

But I also wanted to do more then just a plain flower so I also have some other options in the shop, here are three of my favorites!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Honest Company Price Match

I have had a lot of questions from friends about the Honest Diapers since my last post so I figured I would show you guys the prices that I figured out when purchasing a bundle.

If you use the link above you get $10 off your first purchase!
This post is just my view and opinion, not getting paid to say any of this; promise.

Price per diaper by size:

Newborn - $0.2027 
Size 1 - $0.2457
Size 2 - $0.2702
Size 3 - $0.3179

Per wipe - $0.0532

I compared these to the price of Huggies Natural Care:

Newborn - $0.2839 
Size 1 - $0.2839
Size 2 - $0.3123
Size 3 - $0.3288

Per wipe - $0.0267

So you can see that from the Huggies I found the honest company is a little cheaper. Both companies often have coupons as well. I don't have anything against Huggies it was just a popular brand I chose to compare it to. The Huggies wipes were cheaper but that doesn't phase me much since I usually only use 1 or 2 wipers when I change a diaper. I just want to share this great option with other mothers, I am always looking for healthier things for my baby and often they come at a higher price but the honest company had made it very affordable!

Other perks from ordering honest diapers:
Eco Friendly
Chemical Free
Adorable patterns (vain I know but so cute!)
Comes right to your door, with free shipping