Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Proud, Proud, Proud

I am so immensely proud of my husband!
He works 14 hours a day and kick butt at his job. This year he is a co-team leader {which pretty much means he is a manager for a team} which means some later hours. But he really is so dedicated and talented and what he does. Below you can see that he was the top seller of the day this Thursday with nine account which is really really good if you know much about summer sales.
Then on the right here 6 out of 368 - now that is pretty impressive

To celebrate how well he did I made his favourite meal for him, green beans with bacon and mushrooms, mash potatoes and roast! Then I made the gem of a desert it was to die for and I'll admit I just made of the recipe for the top and it turned out great. It was Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake but since I didn't have a spring form pan I used a brownie sheet.

The recipe is here make it! Common do it the only down size is how yummy it is and your jeans might feel tight the next day.


For my fancy swirl top I just made her version of Ganache but with peanut butter.
1. make fat lines about an inch apart 
2. make skinny lines between these
3. drap a knife up and then down and repeat to make this fancy pattern

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