Saturday, June 16, 2012

Many have asked...?

Taylor and I are no model couple lets just get that out their, and I am no expert either. But I am really into being healthy, feeling healthy and the science of health {hence I'm a health science major!}

I have been asked by quite a few of my friends and aquantances how Taylor and I stay slim. Well I am ashamed to say I think we went through a tub of ice-cream a week when we first got married and we did gain an ounce. Then a year late BAM it caught up with us so now we actually have to put some effort into losing weight.

Things we do to keep motivate are usual competitions; Against one another or to a date ect. These help a bunch for us!

A lot of our friends know me as being a little weird about health and food {in a good way... I think} so I am going to start posting some tips, and tricks that we do to stay healthy.

Note: I use the word Healthy, were aren't trying to get skinny, or look beach ready because thats not what its about. We should all invest in our health not our bikini line, but the great thing is when you change your life style to being truly healthy and what I can clean eating you will look great promise! I dare you to just try it.
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