Monday, June 18, 2012

Nope No More

Two rules that will having you feel better in days!
No Sugar, and Clean Eating
This means no processed foods, make everything from scratch and don't add cream, and fatty cheese, and condensed soups just don't its that simple. Us cottage cheese, and milk instead.

Yup I said it...
No Sugar
You can however pick a day to treat yourself, every saturday we eat out and I make a heart stopping yummy desert. But only one day a week - feeds that craving and helps keep you on track.

Paired with working out and cutting the junky food out of my life I have toned up a lot, and lost some weight as well. But better yet I just feel so much better! I have a picture of what three weeks can change your stomach too but I felt posting a picture of my stomach was too daunting. But you really can see the change, if you want to see it just ask.
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