Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey Husband - Long Time No See

Taylor is the co-team leader of a sales team here in Virginia which pretty much means he is a manager and has responsibilities. One of them is every other week staying and doing paper work for the 6 days they sell. Somehow we skipped by without doing it for a month so last week was the first week he had to stay and do it. He wouldn't get home until 11:00pm every night and then we would start work again at 8:00am the next morning. Well, after dinner, shower, brushing your teeth, then bed at midnight we literally had zero time together. I thought coming home at 10:00pm was bad but that seams like a dream now. 

I was in beyond withdrawal from seeing Taylor, everyday I heard his voice I would tear up thinking about how much I missed him so yesterday he was so sweet and took the day off to hang with me. I also took the day off work so we could go do something together other then eat, sleep and drive to work! 

We chose to go to Alexandria which is right on the Potomac River going to the ocean. It was really rainy so we got pretty much drenched walking, we visited Mt. Vernon where Washington lived {I'll post about this at a later date}. We also got to see his tomb, and where he died. It was pretty interesting but not my favourite part of the day. My favourite was the drive home! Holding hands with Taylor drying off, and driving on the windy roads through the lush woods. The houses we saw were Mansions! I am talking iron gate, pillars, and guests houses bigger then a normal house, probably have a butler in each room - kinda huge! I didn't get a picture of any of those though since we were always driving too fast. One of these days I am going to get a good picture.

The whole feel here in Virginia and especially in Alexandria is english or victorian. It is just so beautiful to me I love it. 
Don't you just find these homes and duplexes oddly breath taking

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