Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Inside!

Some snap shots of the inside of our house, we really love it here!

11 Months

11 Months - man these months seam to just be flashing by, this is very late.

- Getting into the cupboards
- Walking like a champ along furniture
- Mastering going up the stairs
- Loves her reflection
- Loves to point, especially at photos and mirrors
- When we say "MAE" in a very stern way, she turns around and wags her finger at us knowing whatever she's about to do is a no in our books

That cute face! I mean really, how can that not melt you!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Mae's First Halloween

If you are looking for a photographer in Utah I would highly suggest Paxel Pics Photography she does some wonderful work, always has props and her prices are amazing.

But back to halloween...

I usually don't like this holiday. Even as a kid I didn't like dressing up, I always just wanted to be me. I remember being teased for not dressing up some years. This year I had no intentions of dressing up and didn't have a costume for Mae either. But last minute I decided it would be really fun to dress up together. $3 and 30 min later I had kitty cat costume ready for Mae and I and I have to admit I kind of love how they turned out. Simple, cheap and cute!

When Mae first saw me as a cat she bawled her face off and screamed and screamed until thankfully Taylor came home and helped her realize I was indeed still her mother and not a scary cat. We went to my husbands work party and ate lots of food and had fun playing with Mae crawl around and enjoying family time together.

Here are some photos that Pax took of us.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

10 Months

This little girl is getting so hard to catch on camera these days. As shown in the photos crawling away as fast as she can!

I cannot believe my baby girl is already 10 months which means she is almost 1 years old. How did this happen!?

Mae has started copying noises and sounds we make to her. It is so fun to watch this little person interact with us. She loves to use her hand to make "blurble burble" noises. 
She loves when we hide under blankets, she always squeals and claps her hands. Clapping her hands is also a new talent of hers.
She is going through a little phase where she actually likes to cuddle every so often, not a ton but there are moments and boy are they magical! 
She loves to give me kisses, big wet messy ones that last for an awkward amount of time and I love almost every second of them haha. 
She still loves shoes, baby shoes, dad's shoes, but especially leather shoes. 
She is getting so good at walking around holding onto chairs or furniture, sadly it won't be long until she's walking I'm sure.
She still loves to be swaddled when she sleeps!

She is still just the sweetest girl!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Family Photos

 We are very blessed to know two wonderful photographers that were willing to take photos for us. I was more then happy with all of them and already have some hung in the house and want to hang more... our house will be a museum of pictures!

This set of photos was done by Paxelpics she is based out of Utah.

And these wondering photos were done by Esther Beazer Photography based out of  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Home Owners and September

I had my 23rd birthday and finally got an olive jacket I'v wanted forever, and it matches Mae's

We bought a home!

Decorating is going well, and once it's all finished I will post more photos

Birthday Shopping with this cute girl, I bought her more stuff then myself as usual!

9 Months

9 Months

This little girl is getting so big and so curious, she is totally mama's girl she crawls around after me and whines at my feet. She loves chewing on shoes, and no I'm not describing my puppy I'm talking about my daughter!

She loves standing up on everything, walking along the coach or other things she it holding on to. 
She learned to crawl up stairs the first time she saw it.
She is eating a lot more solids.
She loves to growl really low until she start coughing, saying Da-Da, and spitting.
She has two little bottom teeth
Weighs 15 lbs

I turned 23 years old, and we also bought and moved into our very first home! Which we are loving, we have been here for two weeks now and it's been amazing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Greek Inspired Headbands

I just released a new greek inspired line of headband in my etsy shop. They can all be found right HERE.

I'm just in love with how simple and stunning they look! I have told a lot considering they just hit the shop two days ago. So fun creating things that people love :)