Saturday, January 29, 2011

All you Need is Love!

After four months of being married at last we got our picture. These are a couple of our favourites!
I can't wait to finally get our big prints, which I'm sure by then we will have moved and can't take them with us for the summer which is sad! If your interested in reading our story you can read a quick little story from my handsom prince or from me.

Isn't he so Handsom! :) Best part is, I get to keep him forever!

Friday, January 28, 2011


So much school, so little fun!
There is not enough excuses for how terrible my blogging skills have been since I started school again. I am taking 6 university classes, and working, as well as homework, time to relax so I don't go insane, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, immigration! The list never stops, I dream about homework, I dream about work... correction. I have nightmares about homework and work! Needless to say I have not found it in my time bank to do anything cute, or worthwhile to blog about. But my goal this weekend is to do just that. Between my saturday class, dinner, homework, a test, and a talk in church hopefully I can find some time! 

Once again, I apologize! 

One little tid bit from my day is that I started the morning off by teaching a Yoga class for my Health Communications project. I have learned so much about yoga and how amazing it is for you body! The class went really well so I am crossing my fingers all my hard work got me a good grade. I would encourage all of you to consider doing some sort of Yoga through out your busy weeks. I have been doing it and it's amazing how relaxed and ready to face the day it gets me!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rice Bag

I love these! My Husband's favourite team is the Colts - hence the fabric. He stands the whole time he is at work and so his back is usually sore by the end of the day, and this rice bag makes a world of difference. One reason why a rice bag is better then just a little hot pack or hot blanket is because its moist heat. The moist heat penetrates all the way down to the muscles, which a hot blanket cannot do. It smells funny, but its worth it. 
But as for me I usually use it when I'm chilled down to my core, or also when I'm sore.

You'll Need:
Sewing Machine

Rice Bag:
1. Cut out two pieces of fabric. Both 14x10.
2. Put Right sides together and sew down three sides, and a little bit on the edges of the forth side. Leave your hole big enough to pour the rice in.
3. Pour your rice in, I used the standard bag from Walmart I think it was about one pound.
4. Sew across, to close up the hole. So now you should have a rice bag.

Rice Bag Slip Cover:
1. No for the cover, you will need to cut out three different pieces of fabric. A 14x10, 10x10, 7x10.
Your 14x10 will make up the front, and the two smaller ones will both make up the back.

2. Take your two small pieces and fold them over twice and sew down to make a nice finished edge.
3. Then lay the big piece facing up, and place the two smaller pieces facing down (right sides together), with the two finished seams in the middle.
4. Sew all the way around, and slip your rice bag into the cover.
5. Warm up those cold winter toes or sore muscles!

Finished product (please excuse the tacky apartment carpet!)

I chose to do a slip cover so that it could be washed. Trust me you'll want that option, after using it for a couple months it will need to be washed! Plus it's so quick.

When my husband opened this he had a huge grin and then ask "Where did you buy this?" Needless to say its a great home made gift. Its useful and hopefully they will think it's so amazing you bought it!

Christmas Break

As you can tell my Prince Charming, well he is charming isn't he? I'm pretty lucky to have such an amazing husband. He worked twelve hours yesterday day. We have started off a new year with a huge jolt to our old routine. I got a promotion which has me running around all day fixing everyones problems, along with taking six classes at school. Taylor now works two jobs and is going to school again as well. Needless to say it has been a long first week back and a messy one at that. Saturday was dedicated to homework and cleaning and now finally I can write a blog posts!

On the lake with a small portion of my family!

Big Mountain Ski Resort

Skating with our Canadian Pride

 Infront of the Salt Lake Temple

My Dear Mother

This christmas was our first christmas as a married couple, it was weird because I never went back home, although we visited my family which was so fun! We spent christmas morning alone and then drove to go meet his family for the rest of the day. All in all we had a great christmas together and had a lot of fun with our families.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Amazing Wife

For all of those who read this blog I would like to show my appreciation to my fabulous wife.  If you don't personally know Martha, she is an incredible woman who does so much for people she loves.  She's a hard worker, dedicated, loving and caring.  I am so grateful to have a wife like her.  Martha is extremely persistent and it's because of that reason we are together.  When we were dating she would never give up on me and I am so lucky that she never did. I am excited to spend the rest of eternity with her and always aid her in anyway possible that I know of.  I love you Martha.