Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Change of Life Style

I usually try to eat really healthy and have for the most of my life done a good job. But I let myself slip for the past probably 8 months. So I needed to change my life style back to being healthy. 
Since doing this for the past 3 weeks I have lost albs, slow and healthy the greatest part is I feel so much better in general

My whey protein shake and apple - my mid morning snack that I day dream about while my lungs burn while sucking in the hot humid air in Virginia on morning runs

But... to keep myself from going insane I get an evening to cheat this Sunday I got to eat my husband Mac & Cheese with ketchup a comfort food I have develop since marrying him, mmmm so good.
Treat yourself once a week and then be good for the rest of the week, it really helps

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