Thursday, July 31, 2014

7 Months

This little one had quite the month:

This last month has been a fun one, we took a trip to Montana and played with cousins and in the water. Mae is almost getting a hang of sitting up! She has even been getting on her knees to make crawling motions, and started doing the cutest little baby planks!

These past two weeks have also been sad though. I thought Mae was teething, she was fussy, feverish, not sleeping well, and coughing up mucus. It continued to get worse until she was wheezing for air and I finally realized she was really sick. I took her to the doctors right away and found out she had pneumonia and an ear infection. We stayed at the doctors for 2 hours getting treatments to help her lungs and to fight the infection. They sent us home with a breathing mask to be used every 4 hours day and night, which was very exhausting for both of us since she hated it. And both of us had been used to sleeping through the night lately. We also found out she has some medicine allergies! But even though she was so sick she kept smiling at us non stop. Seriously the happiest baby!! She could not catch a break but after 2 weeks of being sick she is finally getting better. 

She also learned to sit and starting scooting and half crawling all over the place. As you can tell in the following pictures she was on the move!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Just added some really fun new colors and prints to my etsy shop!