Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Taylor is amazing!! I just love him to death. We bought some reeces the other day and I ate all of mine, and Taylor still had some left. I am passionatly obseesed with peanut butter treats, especially reeses. Taylor told me I could not have any of his, which was understandable, I did eat all mine. But then he came into the family room with two bowls of icecream both with resses mixed in. He made us homemade cold stone, and split his reeses with me. Now that is true love!! This is just as example of all the cute things he does for me.
The past two weeks I have been going to work, and Taylor has been at home. He has been cleaning, making me lunch, starting dinner, putting together the house, hanging pictures, fixing the car, doing laundry, taking out the trash, writing thank you cards and just being down right amazingly helpful. While I am at work I know that everything at home is getting done, its so wonderful :)
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