Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For My Dear Mother

Well My Mother is missing me a lot right now! And she told me she wanted to know about all the little funny things in our life so here are a couple things for you mom!
As some of you might know I am a little paranoid when it comes to the dark, so late at night I start to get a little jumpy.
Last week after a day of shopping, unpacking and organizing I went to bed while Taylor stayed up and played with all his new electronics. I fell asleep right away and Taylor came in to say goodnight. I heard someone in the room and quickly turned my head with a gasp, it was only the pillow, so I rolled over to fall back asleep and my heart jumped out of my chest when I noticed someone standing over me. It was my husband!
Three nights ago Taylor and I were laying in bed holding hands and talking. I then fell asleep in the middle of our conversation so Taylor gave my hand a little love sqeeze to see if I was still there and I shot out of bed gasping, freaked out at who had just touched my hand while sleeping. It was my husband again!
Last night I was brushing my hair and getting ready for bed, out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in the door way. My instant reaction was to throw an elbow to the face, in the middle of this I realized it was once again my husband! We then bust out laughing!
We are loving married life! Taylor and I cannot stop laughing its been so fun being together all day and all night with no more good byes. So far the thing I have to adjust to is remembering that the man in our apartment at night is indeed my husband!
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