Sunday, September 26, 2010

Easy Fabric Flowers

My Cousin Katie requested I show how to make these cute cheap head bands. I am in love with them, they are fun, easy, inexpensive and add so much to an outfit. You can always make these flowers and pin them to a plain t-shirt or bag. I plan on making one for a new plain dress I bought, but anyways...

You will need:
Headband, clip, or pin (whatever you decide to apply your flower to)
Glue gun
(Also you may want a button)

1. Take your fabric and cut out a long thick piece, the longer the wider the flower, the thicker the fatter your flower will be. So really its up to you.

2. Fold the edge and iron it down flat, then repeat to the other side 

2. Then fold this in half and iron flat. Your fabric should look all clean, with no raw edges.

3. Cut out a circle the size you would like your flower to be. I used felt here for something thicker, but using you're matching fabric works wonderful!

4. Take your fabric and fold each corner down to make a point, like shown.

5. Glue this down to the middle of your circle and hold, wait till glue has dried.

6. While twisting your fabric continue to glue it down to your circle as you go around while continuing to twist you're fabric. 
7. When you get to the end cut off any extra and tuck in and glue, or fold underneath circle and glue to back.

8. Then repeat if you want two flowers, I did so I made another one in a cream paisley, and made it bigger then the last. I then glue the little green flower to over lap my cream flower.

9. Make sure you plan where you want your flower(s) in a mirror before glueing, then glue it to your headband. (If you choose to put it on a safety pin you can get a piece of felt, and glue the safety pin between the flower and felt.)

10. Put it on and start accessorizing! Hope that helped anyone interested in making these. 

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