Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dunanda Falls

It has always been on Taylor's bucket list to kiss under a water fall, and I have always wanted to go to natural hot springs. So we started a hike towards Dunanda Falls, a water fall surrounded with hot springs in Yellow Stone, Idaho. Little did I realize when I signed up for this hike, it was 4 hours there, and 4 hours back!
Starting off the hike with the beautiful view, we still had smiles on ours faces and a skip in our step!
Four hours later we arrived at the water falls. Every muscle in our bodies were screaming in pain and Taylor and I were getting a little whiny at the thought of going back!
Right after our kiss under the water falls!

Soaking in the natural hot springs while being sprayed by the water falls. We then had to hike back. We left our home at 8am and got back at 9:30 pm. Longest day of our lives and we will probably not want to go hiking for a very very long time!!
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