Sunday, September 26, 2010

I work tuesday, wednesday, friday and Taylor works monday, thursday, and saturday. As you can see this is a very conflicting schedule. Taylor is alone half the week and then I am home alone half the week. So we both needed to pick up a hobby he bought a new game and I started making tooo much food. After a very bad large bubbling burn on my arm and a broken glass bowl I decided I needed to do something a little less fattening and exhausting. So Taylor took me to walmart, picked me out a glue gun and helped me choose my fabrics...

And I made this. 

I forgot to buy buttons, and as you can see it was my first try, but it was really fun and I have already found ways to make them better. I am looking forward to making more, and making them better. I also plan on adding some of these to my old t-shirts to make my old clothes new!

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