Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raspberry Lime Cloud Saturday

Lime Test, and there was even more. I managed to zest my finger in the process which is painful!

Raspberry Lime Curd

First time making Whipping Cream, Mmmmm

(click above for recipe)

I was very proud to show Taylor when he got home from work, so he insisted he take my picture with the cupcakes. As most of you saw I made cupcakes just a couple days ago, Taylor ate one and well... he doesn't like cupcakes that much I learned. After we ate our dinner, which was homemade and delicious! I past Taylor a cupcake and watched him intently. He took his first bite, his eyes went big and he said "Wow, good job babe!" finished it off and reached for another. Taylor doesn't take seconds for desert, or a lot of desert at all he would rather snacks! So him taking two made my day. Then I took my first bite, and Wow! Don't mean to brag, it was mostly the cupcake recipe not me, but they are soooo yummy. I have never tasted such a great cupcake in my life!

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