Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cupcake Goal

Pre Note: Taylor and I love raspberry limeades from Sonic, but the one in Rexburg has closed.
I, Martha, am passionately in love with Peanut Butter. On chicken, on apples, on cookies, on anything!
Also my nineteenth birthday is on Monday! So I have been thinking of what treat I should make to celebrate, since we don't have enough people for cake, I have decided a cupcake will be just the perfect treat. But I cannot just make any cupcake, it has to be mouth watering. The kind of taste that leaves you asking, how? or More Please!!
So I have found the perfect recipes, but I need to make both because I cannot decide. Which leads me to think with all these cupcakes around maybe we should have a party.
So the cupcakes I am going to attempt are...
Chocolate cupcake with a fluffy peanut butter (click here) icing.
and the one I am looking forward to the most is.
Raspberry Lime Cloud (click here)
It is a white cupcake with the middle taken out filled with raspberry lime curd, with a raspberry lime fluffy cloud icing! It looks hard to make and absolutely wonderful!

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