Monday, April 8, 2013

Safari in the Serengeti

We went to Africa with my parents in February. Everyone always says "tell me about it" but it was just too amazing to put into words so here is a ton of pictures of our Safari!

It really was like a real life movie of the Lion King featuring us! It was breath taking and amazing. I think everyone should put this on their bucket list. Also sorry the photos are out of order and this post is coming a couple months late!

These Vultures are loud, huge, scary birds and yes they do circle just like in the movies!

We scared the Zebra's out from under this tree and had an amazing picnic! Most amazing experience and won't forget the view.

The four of us in front of our Safari van 

All of us lounging under the big tree we found to eat our lunch. Breath taking view and with all my favorite people.

The Great Migration
There were millions of wildebeest traveling

Golden Jackal! This pretty puppy dog that will fight with the Voltures

The view we had almost every night!

Cheetah having a snack and the vultures waiting in the back ground till it is their turn

Baby lions just playing in the grass

This leopard was moving her cubs from bush to bush and we could hear the other babies crying out for their Mom, it was amazing!

Cooling off from the hot African sun

The Circle of Life
We couldn't believe we caught this on camera

They really did do a little ballet dance in the water for us too

We took four tiny planes like this to get into the Safari Camp

This was the tent we stayed in, we would fall asleep to the sound of the lions walking around and doing their night calls. It was the most amazing place I have ever stayed in my life, we had hot bucket showers, real beds and lions to serenade us to sleep! 

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haute_giraffe said...

Wow Martha!!
As I was going through these photos, they just kept taking me catch my breath and my heart throb! You caught some AMAZING shots and your description of your accommodations just made me visualize it- wow! I've never particularly thought of Africa as a place that's on my "wish list" of places to go but now it is!
Where exactly was this safari?