Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snap Shots of Life Lately

I got the Assistant Manager job at DownEast highest volume store in the company! Which is in Orem, Utah... which yes you guessed it means I had to move but more on that later.

Read this amazing book, if you have any questions about your body as far as fertility and all that women stuff this book is amazing. I seriously was on an emotional high after reading it I felt so empowered.

Taylor spoiled me with a new car! I am in love with my Jetta, it is super fun to drive, heated seats, sport mode and all the other bells and whistles.

Moving to Saratoga Springs Utah, we found a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo that we loved and we are renting it out for hopefully the next couple years. I will be living here alone till August while Taylor lives in Austin Texas.

We painted for the first time and I am loving that I got to pick my own paint and decorate a new bathroom and do all that fun grown up stuff.

Embarrassing... but seriously my life lately! Sending good morning kisses to my husband over text.
 Long distance bites!

Taylor came to visit me this weekend and we got so much work done on the Condo along with a delicious breakfast at Kneaders. It's down the road and everyone one in Utah has been raving about.

These pictures really sum up the last couple of weeks of my life. I have been having unexplained symptoms for the past couples of months, I visited the hospital a while back but they finally sent me home because they didn't know what was wrong. Finally I got in contact with an amazing Fertility Surgeon and Reproductive Endocrinologist. My pain has been effecting me a lot lately and so I finally went in this week for a procedure to see if we could find the cause. There has been some talk of a disease but we won't know until more testing is done. I went in for a procedure today which has me recovering in bed... hence the time to finally do some much needed blogging.

It has been a rough and painful road, physically and emotionally but as you can see we are still smiling through it. Learning life lessons, and falling more in love with each other as we endure together.

This weekend was also the due date of our little baby that we lost this summer. Still so much love in our hearts for him/her. It has been a journey I never expected to take but it has brought to much perspective into our lives along with so much love. Taylor and I have such an amazing relationship and we know that when we finally do have our miracle baby we will be bringing one of the Lord's children into a home full of love and lots of laughter.



I think what you are going through is only going to make you and Taylor better people and better spouses. I think sometimes it would have been nice to have more time together before having children. But i love my life and i wouldn't change it. BUt you have a great thing going and children will come in the lords time. Love you and thanks for being such a good positive example. I love you!

Kinzie Bean said...

Such an awesome post! You always look so gorgeous. And I LOVE Down East. I used to work at the store in Park City. It is an awesome place! I bet you will love saratoga too. We've thought about moving there, but for now we're staying in our cute place in Orem. I'm excited for you!