Sunday, March 3, 2013


It seems like a million year ago that we were in Rwanda. Everyone always asks why we went, my parents asked if we wanted to come along and we immediately said, "Yes!"
My parents help with an organization that brings dental supplies to the hospitals here. They needed some help organizing and teaching them how to use some of the new materials. We ended up spending a day an orphanage because we couldn't seam to leave with all the kids loving us.

Enjoying my Moto Taxi a lot!

All the kids wanted to hold my hands

Loving the bike Taxi, so fun getting around town

At the Genocide Gardens

This is Becca, cutest girl I eve met!

A walk into the town

Such a beautiful women in her tradition clothing

Visiting the orphanage 

All the kids loved my hair

These two were in love with Taylor and his glasses

Helping teach the kids to count in English

Dinner at Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda

Taylor on a Moto Taxi

This mass grave was full of the bones of those murdered here, it was so sad to see the baby skulls and all the remains of the millions killed

Almost every women had a child on her back

The Moto Taxi's

Kabgayi Hospital where we spent a lot of time

Showing all the other Dentist how to do a white filling

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