Saturday, November 17, 2012

Season for Sickness

The weather is changing and it seams to be that time of year when people start to get sick. We also live in a college town which means in a month final projects are due along with comprehensive exams and I feel like this invites the sickness in as well.

By keeping your house clean this season you can help your family hopefully stay away from catching anything too nasty. I have a cleaning chart with a new task everyday for two weeks and then we start all over again. But there is one thing I wanted to chat about in particular.


Yup you read right knobs! Handles, knobs, drawer pulls, all of those things that we touch over and over again every single day and most people don't think to clean them because they never look dirty. Every 14 days I make sure to sanitize all these high traffic hand touching places to make sure we aren't picking up more germs then needed. If I was completely paranoid I would do it every other day but... I'v got things to do!

Light switches.
Toilet handle.
Drawer Pulls.
Cupboard knobs.
Blind pulley things.
Fridge handles.
Dishwasher handle.
Microwave buttons.
TV Remote.

These are all the things I make sure I sanitize I am sure you can think of many more.

What do you do for your family to help chase away the cold/flu?
What is your favourite way to make sure your house is always clean?

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