Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home bound

I went on a much needed trip home two weeks ago. I didn't want to come back to my real like I was enjoying being with all my sisters so much. So silly we didn't all get a picture together.

Michelle who let me tag along and make a road trip out of her journey home
Homemade Bread - most amazing bread you will ever have!
Starting planning our trip to Africa while I was there. A Safari followed by working in a dental clinic with my parents.
Can't go to Canada without picking up some amazing chocolate
I finally got to meet my new niece Edith. She melted my heart, I had so much fun rocker her to sleep and holding her in my arms.
She even discovered her thumb for the first time while I was home

We also started a baby quite for a future girl baby phillips. This was my first time quilting and it felt easy having my mother and sister to help, I got to sew a lot of it together. It was actually a very healing activity, being actively hopeful for the next time I get the blessing of being pregnant.
The picture above is the backing and below is the top. It still has to get quilted and bound.

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