Monday, November 12, 2012

Chicken Stock from Scratch

This fall I have been in love with making homemade soup. I realize the other day that I usually make all my soups from scratch almost... I always got my chicken stock/broth out of a can. I wanted to make some soup from scratch stock and all. It wasn't too hard, more effort then opening a can but this way I know exactly what I am putting on my body.

1. I used the left over carcass from our roasted chicken and put it in a big pot
2. Filled with water until almost covered
3. Add garlic, some onion powder, little salt and pepper or other spices you might like
4. Let it bowl and then reduce to simmer for several hours or all day occasionally stirring
5. Turn burner off and let cool
6. Put a strainer in a bowl and poor contents in.
7. Pick all the remaining meat off the carcass and add to broth

I ended up with 7 cups with homemade broth which I divided up and froze to use later.
I like the idea of being resourceful and getting all the meat of the carcass as well as making some broth to use for later. 

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Katie said...

I put carrots, onion and celery in my chicken stock. As well as a bouquet garne of parsley and thyme. And that's it!