Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being Brave

A friend and I had a conversation a little while back and her words have stuck to me like glue. She said that when we are presented with two paths we should always pick the hardest one, because those are the things that help us grow and learn the most.

Lately I feel like I have been slapped with so many different decisions, and they choice has never been easy. I toss, turn and fret over every choice I have to make causing stress and lack of sleep some nights. I think I am going to take the advice to heart and choose to take the harder paths in life.

Next week I am going to start something that I am afraid to do, terrified of failing, making a joke out of myself, having people judge me, and pushing myself and my body to the limit.

What have you done lately that scared you?

1 comment:

Ashley Jane Reina said...

so does this mean you are doing a competition?? wait and do one in may or april with me?? its only a few months differnt.