Monday, July 16, 2012

Virginia Adventures w/ Michelle

Michelle is my friend from Canada and high school. It had been a long time since really doing something together but we decided we both needed girl time and she flew to D.C. the next week to hang out! I would say the funnest thing we did was find some amazing deals at the good will store! And swimming in the ocean of course :)

On the boardwalk with Michelle
Virginia Beach

Fresh snack on the beach.. mmm little bit of paradise

Beach Street USA

Riding the Metro into D.C. it was 104 'F
We really did just about die from heat, I did anyways!
Washington Memorial


The White House

The Capital

Frozen Yogurt {Canadian Style}

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Lindsay said...

Those pics make me want to visit you there. Looks a touch more exciting than rexburg. The ocean is amazing.