Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sometime we just have to be proud of our accomplishments...

Four months ago I was unhappy, sat on the couch feeling sorry for myself and couldn't fit into any of my clothes. I literally had to go by new pants so that I could leave the house not in sweats or yoga pants. It was sad... When my sisters saw me on FaceTime they both said "Ohhhhhh" out-loud. Depressing to say the least.

Now: I have lost 15 lbs

I feel so much healthier, I am happier, my skin has calmed down, my body doesn't hate me, and my old jeans are almost too big to wear! Sometimes I want to cry because I am so overly grateful, and ecstatic that I was able to turn my health around. My Mother is really the one who made it happen, and my husband and sister Ashley have provided me with such an amazing support. This is a really big accomplishment for me. I feel like a new person; Taylor and I like her much more!!

Some things I did to make the change:
Eat 3 meals and two small protein snacks everyday
Cut out sugar 6 days of the week
Work out 5-6 days a week
Lunged my butt off, no literally I would do 100 lunges in one day and my butt really has shrunk
Set up incentives for myself - shoes, new lulu lemon, once I lose 20lbs I am going to buy some new jeans
It takes effort but let me tell you it is so worth it! I can't wait to be a personal trainer and help people make this kind of difference in their own lives.

Big Salad right? This is one of my favourites! 
I eat this for dinner 4x a week (everyday I run and sunday)
I pile up a ton of romaine hearts chopped up, 3 oz chicken, dash of turkey bacon bits, and low cal dressing. The dressing I make is thinner so it can spread over the whole salad, because I hate dry salads!

Ceaser Dressing:
1 tbsp low fat ceased dressing
1 tbsp parmesan cheese
1 tbsp lemon juice


Katie said...

Go Martha!

I'm hoping to reach some of my fitness goals soon. I'm on my way!


Yeah for you martha!!! So happy for you! I am glad you are enjoying your salad, wish i didn't find lettuce so repulsive right now, i think maybe if i tried a new dressing. But everyone keeps telling me a look small so i guess i am doing something right (definitely not over eating, and going to the gym).

Lauren Miller said...

Congrats Martha, you're looking great. Nice job on all the hard work.