Saturday, July 14, 2012


I took Taylor on a Surprise Date - When we arrived it had a much more {in-the-stix} feel to it then I was expecting if you know what I mean. But we got free flags to wave around and some awful but oddly yummy food!

We ended up having blast and Taylor loved it!  It was a total success he had no clue where we were going and I earned myself some major wife points

These was also a kid racing who was eight years old - I don't think I could ever let me child get in a racing car at eight!

This was my weekly cheat meal where I rev up my metabolism and feed those unhealthy food cravings

This was someone car out front and I thought it was pretty cool

Waiting for the races to start waving out checkered flags 

These was a total stereotypical "All-American" Night
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