Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mount Vernon

We went to Mount Vernon a while ago and if you don't know this is where Washington Lived. It was interesting to see where the slaves lived and think about how that was part of the life he lived. It was actually not a huge home, they had a couple bedrooms, a kitchen and two other rooms for entertaining.

The whole time we were there it was pouring rain and hot! Hence the reason I am wearing my scarf on my head to attempt to keep me hair dry.

This is George and Martha Washington's buggy

This is the tomb where both of them are today {Taylor things other wise} but as for the tourists thats what they tell us

We actually have a copy of this in our home, I always thought it was Moroni or Nephi - Funny yet embarrassing I had no clue it was Washington

** Although we had a great time together Taylor and I aren't big history people but for us personally we felt spending $30 here wouldn't be the best use of time or money if you are doing a shoer trip in DC  **

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