Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I haven't seen a lot of necklaces like these ones around, however I see them on t.v. and on famous people a lot lately and I think they are glamourous. I do not have a glamour piece of any sort, and I have really started to want a sparkly bulky necklace like this. I have seen a couple that are versions of this, but they look plastic and cheep... well because they are! So luckily I was waiting for my Husband and had time to stop by porters, just to enjoy myself and I think I found the perfect things to make a necklace like this. But more, for me, because I can't pull it completely off. I'm really thrilled about it, so hopefully I can get my essay done in time and have it posted by the end of the week! So stay tuned :)

The Necklace in the middle is the one I love, its Swarovski Crystal and $500 dollars. So I am going to attempt to make something that has the same feel for $20!

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