Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The move is official!!


We are moving to Sacramento California! I have been to California once and I loved it, cold and rainy but it was a really cool place. We will finish school here in April and then pack up and drive down to our new home for the summer. We will be working with EcoFirst Pest control so it will be a long summer of hard work, but everyone knows what hard work means. You just get to play harder after! Especially when we won't have much homework! I am very excited for the adventure ahead of us, and just want it to be April. In April school ends, we are making a trip to Canada, and were moving to California - it will be a fun and crazy month!!

This is a picture from last summer in Kansas City while Tay was selling. 
Finally this time I get to go with him and were going somewhere cooler then KS. 

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