Monday, February 7, 2011


Have you been wanting that glamourous chunky necklace like I have but either they are out of your price rang, or plastic! Fear not I will show you how to make one that is neither!

You will Need:
Jewels, beads, crystals whatever works best for you, it should dangle though, like the beads I have shown below. It is on a loop so that the loop attaches the bead to the necklace instead of it going through the bead it self if that makes sense. I got mine at Porters
Thicker jewellery wire
It only cost me $20, because I didn't have any of the materials

Take your wire and wrap it around a pen, then wrap it to close it like shown below.

Thread the beads on the wire, I had two different colours of beads so I did four of each colour in a row.
When your beads are gone, or your at the length you wan it repeat the step above.

Tie your ribbon to the loop, then die two pretty knots like shown above to cover the ugly wire! Repeat on the next side. Then you should have something that looks like this!

Also I had regular crystals on the chains I bought so I used the extra to make a matching bracelet.

Its a great necklace to wear with collared shirts, and with the ribbon closure you can make it shorter.

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