Saturday, February 26, 2011


We had one of those weekends, filled with lots of dishes and work. Taylor is finally finishing up his last weekend with Target thank goodness. I'm sitting at home, feeling homesick and realizing I'm actually just Husband sick, he worked all day today and works all day tomorrow. But the plus side to having a lonely weekend is that next weekend I'll be walking on a beach with my Husband in California, hopefully with an approved green card, so this next weekend will be big for us! We also have our wedding pictures at the frame shop here in town which I'm completely thrilled about. Also we got midterms back this week and I got five A's and one B which I was mostly happy about (minus the B ): ). March is creeping up on me too fast, I have a million projects due this month, that also means finals are only a month away which no matter how hard I study I never feel ready for! I'm so nervous for March, yet excited because that means schools almost out, and warm weather will slowly start coming (crossing my fingers). Well, enough of my babble, I have had a really hard time staying in contact with people lately so sorry family. Hopefully this made you feel a little bit more in touch with me.

Now in this very moment I just realized I was supposed to take a test today and forgot about it. Which is completely unlike me. I am a very very good student, my goal was a 4.0 this semester which once this zero on my test drops my grade by %10 kills that goal. Anyone have good advice for grovelling for a second chance when it comes to Professors?
I am praying with ever fibre in my being he is feeling helpful, and merciful tomorrow...
How in the world will I pass this class with a zero on a test.
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