Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liebster Blogger Award

Well, I got an email from my cousin this morning, and she has pasted down the Liebster Blog award to me.
It goes to those who have creative, inspiring, worthwhile blogs with under 300 followers. So of course this made me so happy, and made me feel guilty because since school has started it has been really hard to work, blog, and homework. But non the less I was very happy to get this. Also she wrote a very nice note about my on her blog which made me glow, thanks so much. Go check out her adorable blog Pigtails and Snails.

Now it is my turn to nominate three other deserving bloggers.

Eden Lang's blog, two words come to my mind stylish and inspirational. She is a beautiful photographer, amazing style and such a great life story. I have only spent a couple days here and there with her but her blog is always so well written, bringing me to tears some days, and other days leaves me wishing I had that kind of style! She is an amazing women!

Esther Beazer, she is a photographer and she is amazing. I love her work, and I also love her. (Okay, okay she is my sister!) But I'm not bias she really is so great at what she does. She has a very unique clean style, which is what I think really sets her apart from other photographers.

Food, Folks and Fun, this blog is full of yummy food. Lots of food, who doesn't love a blog full of food. Also I have bad luck with trying new recipes this way they have already been tried and deemed blogabble!
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