Monday, May 10, 2010

Denver, CO

We decided it was about time for me to come visit Denver, CO! Taylor grew up as a southern California boy, but his parents now live in Denver - so thats home! Taylor planned lots of fun stuff for us to do while I was there we:
Went to the museum and saw all the dinosaurs, but most of all body world was amazing!

Then we went to a Rockies Baseball game.. but then it was cancelled! But it was a fun walk anyways :)
We visited family! I got to meet all the cousins which was fun! It rained, and snowed, and hailed while I was there but we still had a lot of fun just spending time together in his home town. I look forward to going back. The mountains where beautiful, amazing shopping, but most of all the family. I have some really great future in-laws I couldn't have asked for a better family to Marry into!

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