Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breech Baby

There is so much information about breech babies and what to try to do to turn them. We did lots of crazy things to encourage our little girl to flip. I found the whole process a bit much and we finally decided to stick with two methods instead of doing all of them but we did try almost everything at least once. Even whale noises!

At the end of the day it is a very personal choice on how you want to approach a breech baby. I feel that our baby will choose how she needs to come to us whether that be by natural birth or c-section. I will try to encourage her to flip but in the end whatever is best for our baby will be a beautiful birth. Many people will say, "Well didn't you try..." or "Oh don't worry she will flip..." get to you. You have the right to prepare yourself for plan B, and no matter what you did or didn't try to do everything happens for a reason!

Here is a list of things I did to try:

I put peppermint Essential Oils on my belly right where her head was - they say babies don't like the cold tingly effect and will go away from where the oil is since they can sense the coolness

Ice pack where the head is and heat near your pubic bone - to encourage her to go towards the warmth and away from the cold

Spinning Babies Inversion - this helps loosen them with gravity and encourages them to flip.

Spinning Babies Breech Tilt - I used an ironing board for this, I would have husband help you!

Yoga - I went to a prenatal class

Make whale noises at the bottom of your belly!

Deep Relaxation and imagery

Swimming - we did some swimming along with underwater hand stands and flips why not try right!?

Webster Certified Chiropractor - this link will help you find one in your area. This is a certified technique that is supposed to help flip breech babies.

EVC External Cephalic Version - Or Manually Turning
My experience with this was some what traumatizing. Mostly emotionally because I was not prepared for the procedure, I did not take any type of pain killers which I would still choose again but I wasn't mentally prepared for the fact that it was going to hurt and be an emotional experience for myself. My advice, take your husband or a good friend for support! I'v heard women say this process was worse then labor!

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