Saturday, November 23, 2013

34 Weeks

Man third trimester is getting hard! Here are some bullet point updates:

- super nauseas, I do not enjoy eating anymore

- I keep our house super cold anywhere from 65-69'F Taylor doesn't like it!

- Getting my shoes on is hard, sometime results in pushing my last meal out TMI sorry

- As you can see from the photo our baby is breach, feet down and butt to the side which is harder to move then a normal frank breech baby (yes we have tried everything from cold packs and whale noises!)

- I think I finally am figuring out how to get some rest at night, this has been a huge emotional relief

- Speaking of Emotional... I'm a grumpy ball baby but trying hard not to be

- Getting VERY excited to meet our little girl

- My favourite thing is she is finally getting hiccups I just love watching and feeling her twitch

- Taylor has finally persuaded me not to work up until my due date, which I had previously planned for. Training clients is just getting too hard on my body and the midwives and my chiropractor feel the baby will have a better chance flipping if I am more relaxed

- We started buying kleenex from Costco!

- Taylor has been an amazing patient loving man during all of my out burst, I am very blessed!

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