Friday, December 6, 2013

36 Weeks

Oh this little baby girl of mine she is like her mother already! Stubborn and feisty, it's adorable and terrifying. She kicks at all the doctors when they try to feel where she is and move her. She does not want to be bothered while hanging out with Mom she gives me little head nudges in my ribs and I always interpret them as, "Mom I just want to stay up here close to you!" Can't blame her I guess, I wouldn't want to be upside down either. 

Between seeing my Midwife, and now getting transferred to an OB, and seeing a webster chiropractor 2 times a week I swear I am always being poked and prodded at. Counting down the days till I can meet my sweet girl, recover and start our new world together.

29 Days till Due Date

So crazy to think next month I will have my baby here!

Hardest part of my day, definitely putting my shoes on! I don't even want to leave the house anymore because that means bending over to get ready.

Favourite part of the day is the little head nudges from my baby girl.

Latest symptom is Hiatal Hernia - pretty much my stomach is herniated above my diaphragm making keeping any liquids down really hard. I am constantly dehydrated these days!

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