Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dating My Man

This Man has been so amazing to me during this pregnancy. He rubs my feet, rubs my back, helps me get my socks off at the end of the day when it seams to be much to far away. He helps me clean and cook and has truly just been a champ! He has even done surprise spa nights, were talking full on spa in our living room it was glorious. 

But getting to the point which is "Dating My Man!"
As my pregnancy comes to a close I am realizing these last two months are the last months we have alone for probably the next 30 years. Kind of insane to think of so I made up this little jar of date night ideas. Our goal is to go on a date each week. I had originally seen this idea on Pinterest and wasn't satisfied with the list of date idea they had so here mine goes:
I'v included dates mostly for winter, some at home, some christmas, and some for after baby.

Gallivan Plaze
Read Favorite Christmas Book w/ Hot Chocolate (in a bookstore)
Temple Square Christmas Lights
Make Christmas Ornaments
Gingerbread House

Home Dates:
Three favorite falling in love moments (each couple has to pick three moments and find an item or picture that goes along with it, take turns sharing)
"That reminds me..." (activity in link)
Kinect Night
Bedtime Stories and Smores on the stove
Homemade Pizza
Puzzle Night
Love Test w/ Chocolate Strawberries
Race Car Marathon (xbox)
Dance Off (xbox dance central)

Get out of the house:

Italian Ice
ABC Game - In grocery store everyone has to collect one item for each letter in the alphabet, can be done against spouses or as a double date. Who ever finished first wins
Hot Chocolate (in a coffee shop)
Mini Golf
IKEA Dream Home (go to ikea and design your dream home, dream kitchen!)
Utah Hogle Zoo
Bakery Sweets
Volunteer Somewhere
Classic Car International (vintage car museum near us)
Thanksgiving point (new events held every weekend)
Go to the movies
Driving Range
Desert Star Theater (a dinner theater near us)
Breakfast and Morning Walk
Rock Climbing
Arcade Night
Natural History Museum
Ice Skating

Above you can see some have blue tape and red tape. The Blue is for home dates, Red is for christmas dates and then some are christmas dates to do at home.

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