Friday, August 9, 2013

Let the fun begin!

We are going totally baby crazy over here. Almost half way through the pregnancy and I am going full gear baby I don't want to be shopping or trying to work on stuff when I am huge so we are getting things started.

Crib is all set up
Glider is purchased for only $29 sanding starts tonight!
We got a stash of used baby clothes which we have been organizing, washing, and folding
Newborn clothes are almost so tiny you can't fold them!

Needles to say we are both overly excited over here with all the baby stuff. I am finally organizing and unpacking into our condo, took me long enough right!? So I apologize for the long wait but hopefully in the next couple weeks this place will actually be put together and I'll finally post pictures of our new home. It amazes me how much stuff the two of us have collected over the past 3 years.

Taylor and I will both be starting our big kid jobs with our degrees this monday. This feels kind of huge for us! I am officially a trainer at Gold's Gym, and Taylor is working for a local company that has been featured in Forbes magazine this year! Ahh it all seams so crazy to us to actually be settling down, this is our 10th place is less then 3 years of marriage so it's about time.
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