Monday, July 29, 2013

17 Weeks

Week 16 +17 have felt about the same for me. We found out our baby is a girl, which has totally made my heart melt and I am going a little baby crazy right now with all the adorable little girl clothes that seam to be everywhere!

As far as symptoms my belly is starting to get itchy and I can feel it stretching. Hello Oil and Lotion, I might as well try even though they say it doesn't help I sure hope I can avoid stretch marks. I am surprised by how much my belly has grown in the past two weeks. Also I am very hungry, needing to eat a lot more frequent small meals at least every 2-3 hours or I feel I will just wither away. Also I have had a head ache for the past week and need to pee way more! 

The greatest new symptom of all which I am trying to not get too excited about is for the past three days in a row I have felt a little nudge from inside me. Feels like a tiny little "hey you" nudge from under my bellow button area. Not positive it is baby, but doesn't feel like anything else either!

Favourite maternity finds of the week: Ross, I found the shirt below for $9.99 and another shirt for only $2.49 cant really go wrong at those prices. Even though once again they are all blue, all the clearance maternity is all blue weird but oh well!!

I have had so many friends get pregnant these past couple of months and some have had miscarriages. It completely breaks my heart, as many of you know I have gone through this experience and it is completely world shattering. I just want to say how extremely blessed I feel to be carrying this sweet child of god. It truly is a miracle and I cannot even convey in words how happy I am in this time of my life. I love and feel for all of those who are trying to get pregnant or have lost a pregnancy. From personal experience I know how hard it is but how sweet the outcome is and worth the heart ache and waiting. I love all of you even if I don't know you, I hope you can find support and hope in my own experience. (Feel free to read a little bit about our journey in this link)

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