Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our New Glider

I always hear or see pictures on people buying ugly stuff for cheap and making them amazing. I never thought I would be capable of doing it myself. But I found this old glider on ksl for only $29 and I couldn't help but buy it and take on the challenge.

This is the before of the Glider

What we did:

- Took the pads to the bathtub and gave me a really good wash
- Took the whole glider apart, primed, sanded, then painted each section
- Put back the rocker
- We got a big roll of foam from Hobby Lobby and I used the old cushions and traced a pattern onto the foam and cut pieces of foam in the same shape
- My Mom made grey linen slip covers and we put both the old cushions and the foam pieces into the slip covers
- I made a new cover for the springs and threw the old white one you see in the photo above, I replaced it with a quilted piece of mustard canvas and batting

Taa Daaaa!!!

Sorry I just can't help but be so happy about this chair. It is literally exactly what I wanted (which was impossible to find) and it only cost us around $60 when most wooden gliders were starting at $150 - $500.

Don't mind us testing paint right behind the rocker!

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